Primary B Cell Analysis – Hybridoma Screening – Cell Line Development.

Primary B Cell Analysis – Hybridoma Screening – Cell Line Development.





Flexible Assay Design for Antibody Screening

Cyto-Mine® technology enables rapid, miniaturised assays of target protein secreted from encapsulated cells. Assay format can be tailored to suit your needs. From IgG secretion assays for productivity screens to antigen-specific assays for B cell mining or hybridoma fusion screens or customised assays to assess functionality, post-translational modifications or reporter assays, there is a solution for you.

Evidence of Monoclonality

There is an ever-increasing need for proof of monoclonality in single cell analysis. Cyto-Mine® ensures single cell status in a number of ways. Initially, cells are encapsulated into picodroplets at high dilution so that probability of 2 or more cells per picodroplet is incredibly low (about 0.1%). Uniquely, visual proof of monoclonality is provided by ultra-high speed, multi-frame optical imaging immediately prior to dispensing.

Single Cell Assays

Cyto-Mine® picodroplet technology provides a powerful new way to screen vast quantities of cells for secreted proteins. The combination of the picodroplet approach and flexible assay set up means that the platform can be set up to suit your needs – whether you are working in antibody discovery, cell line development, synthetic biology, or other fields – the platform is very flexible and we would be happy to discuss your experimental needs further with you to see how we can help you reach your goals.


Primary B Cell Analysis

Recent developments in antibody discovery, through single cell gene sequencing and recombinant immunoglobulin expression, have enabled direct screening of native B cells (B lymphocytes), giving the potential for much more of the mammalian immune system repertoire to be deep-mined. Cyto-Mine® is a unique platform which allows you to rapidly screen vast numbers of native B cells to find rare cells of interest.

Hybridoma Screening

Hybridoma generation and screening is a powerful tool in antibody drug discovery. Current techniques used in the field are restricted by the number of hybridomas they can screen each day, slowing down pipelines. Cyto-Mine® overcomes these challenges, allowing you to accelerate your hybridoma screening.

Cell Line Development

Cyto-Mine® allows you to rapidly screen hundreds of thousands of mammalian clones and dispense user-defined candidate clones e.g. highest producers. Clone screening is faster, gentler and vastly reduces workflow costs. Proof of monoclonality is provided with a series of images prior to dispensing single cells to individual wells of a 96- or 384- well plate.

Customer Testimonial:

« We determined that Cyto-Mine® can generate cell lines with high productivity and a strong assurance of monoclonality after a single round of screening without compromising product quality. »

Thomas Kelly, Janssen R&D


Cyto-Mine® – The next generation single cell analysis system for antibody discovery and cell line development.


The first integrated device to automatically perform selective screening, cell isolation (CHO,Hybridomas, Bcells…) and monoclonality verification in a single compact system