Single Cell Analysis

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Tapestri® : Plateforme Single Cell Multi-omique
Tapestri® : 1 plateforme. Génotype + Phénotype depuis la même cellule. La plateforme Tapestri est la seule et première plateforme Single Cell multi-omique permettant d’établir simultanément le génotype et le phénotype à partir d’une seule et même cellule parmi des milliers. Elle permet ainsi de déterminer avec précision l’hétérogénéité cellulaire dans la progression et la réponse […]
Cyto-Cellect™ Human IgGκ Detection Kit
      During biologics production, cell lines such as CHO cells are selected and characterized based on stability and productivity. It is crucial to measure antibody secretion to identify the highest producing cell clones to progress in the development pipeline. Sphere Fluidics’ Cyto-Cellect™ Human IgGκ Detection Kit, in combination with the Cyto-Mine® Single Cell […]
Primary B Cell Analysis – Hybridoma Screening – Cell Line Development.
      Benefits Flexible Assay Design for Antibody Screening Cyto-Mine® technology enables rapid, miniaturised assays of target protein secreted from encapsulated cells. Assay format can be tailored to suit your needs. From IgG secretion assays for productivity screens to antigen-specific assays for B cell mining or hybridoma fusion screens or customised assays to assess […]