Single Cell Analysis

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Primary B Cell Analysis – Hybridoma Screening – Cell Line Development.
      Benefits Flexible Assay Design for Antibody Screening Cyto-Mine® technology enables rapid, miniaturised assays of target protein secreted from encapsulated cells. Assay format can be tailored to suit your needs. From IgG secretion assays for productivity screens to antigen-specific assays for B cell mining or hybridoma fusion screens or customised assays to assess […]
Cyto-Mine® – The next generation single cell analysis system for antibody discovery and cell line development.
      Current processes for finding novel antibody targets or developing stable cell lines are time consuming and inefficient. Whether you are screening whole B cell repertoires, hybridomas, CHO or other cells, approaches such as cell sorting, clone picking or limiting dilutions have their associated drawbacks – some do not allow cell secretion assays, […]
The first integrated device to automatically perform selective screening, cell isolation (CHO,Hybridomas, Bcells…) and monoclonality verification in a single compact system.
      Cyto-Mine® is a high-throughput instrument which uses picodroplet technology and microfluidics to process up to 40 million heterogeneous mammalian cells (in pools) in less than a day. Cells are encapsulated in picodroplets containing growth media, which act as a bioreactor to compartmentalise cells and let them grow, eventually trapping secreted molecules such […]